Two freepbx talking to each other?

Hello, is it possible to have two freepbx talking to each other over a vpn network? For example my first freepbx is at and my second one is at I can see both of them over the. Network the second one from the first network and vis versa.

Any help would be great. Hello me thing I forgot to say I’m using a older version of freepbx. If it’s not broke I’m not updating it yet and everything I do on it works for me. Until it breaks then I can update it. I just need fo figure out how I can talk to each other and transfer calls or be able to call ext from one to another.


You also forgot to tell us anything about the systems. But yeah, they can talk to each other over the VPN.

I’m sorry I forgot to say that. both of the systems are intel nuc with 4gb of memory and 500gb of hard drive both are using freepbx 12 asterisk 13. How can I get them to talk to each other? I’m unable to figure out a way. And I haven’t worked on freepbx in a long time.


Are you using Chan_SIP, Chan_PJSIP? Based on FreePBX 12/Asterisk 13, if this is chan_sip then someone else is going to need to assist. I’m avoiding supporting chan_sip as much as possible now. No one should be using it at this point.

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The pros anc cons of IAX2

It was developed by Mark Spencer as his ‘InterAsteriskeXchange’ protocol. First as IAX, then improved to IAX2.
It is efficient and faster than SIP, with trunk=yes even more so as the connection is always up so no Sessions needed to Initaiate for every call.
It uses one port, so it is easy to route and will go boldly where SIP can’t or won’t.
Rarely, if ever, will you see an attack against it.
It is very stable, s well aged and time proven, so doesn’t need much maintainance.

Many folks deride and sneer at it. But likely none of them has ever tried it.

Given these, and FWIW, I have been using it for donkeys years, never had a problem, ever!

I still maintain that it is perfect where a static trunk is needed between ‘well known places’


Hello everyone, Thank you all for the reply back. Sorry My father was in the Hosptial he as they say is on his last leg. So I have been back and forth and I have not worked on the freepbx servers. I’m looking into all options as everyone posted.

As for If I’m using Chan_sip or Chan_PjSIP. Im currently using Chan_SIP but I might be moving to PJSIP becuase it looks like it gives me more options and having the other problem of not able register my phone when the internet goes out. That is in anorther post so it looks like PJSIP will be my option for this as well. I just have to figure out this whole linking from one server to another in VPN. and Everyone gave me a great headstart thank you.


Just so you know, IAX2 does not rely on the ‘internet being present’ just IP connectivity between the two servers.

Technically, neither does chan_sip nor chan_pjsip though, it’s just that it is very much easier to trunk two Asteri with it, you should try it maybe ?

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