Two freepbx boxes shared IVR's

We have two freepbx’s that run a dialer. The issue is we’d like the dialplan ivr’s to be shared on both systems. Is there anyway to run two freepbx systems together? I guess it would be like 2 locations but with each box having access to the same ivr’s? Can someone please help me with how to go about this?


No, two FreePBI can’t share anything, technically it is possible for two Asterisk boxen to share some “state” with corosync, you can however mimic the same behavior on each machine by constructing each one to do effectively the same thing item by item (this won’t be either easy or quick :slight_smile: ) If you are looking for effective load-sharing, look somewhere else.

Thats what i was afraid of… i guess i’ll need to get a little creative… maybe focus on extensions_custom to replicate on both machines and reload a dialplan, along with other relevand directories. I really only need the dialplan, sounds, & agi-scripts.

Can we ask what you are trying to do? Sounds and agi scripts are no problem, dialplan is what will trip you up, they probably can’t be exactly the same . . . .

(Few Clairvoyants here :slight_smile: )

Its a robo dialer, since my ivrs only use sounds, prompts, agi scripts, etc… replicating and syncing the sounds/extensions_custom.conf/agi-scripts, should get me where i need to be i think. The reason for 2 machines

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