Two floating IPs on FreePBX 13 High Availability

On a FreePBX 13 box running High Availability with three NICs, one network, another one cluster replication, the third different network, is it possible to configure a second floating IP address for the third NIC?

Possible? Probably. Supported? No. The SIP drivers are bound to the floating IP, so even if you set up a second floating IP, it could not be used for calls. More generally adding complexity will not increase availability.

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So It would not be possible to bind chansip to one floating IP and pjsip to the second floating IP?

I would think that could work.

Went would you want to do that?

The short answer is no. Just by looking at the HA documentation it is pretty obvious it was designed to have one floating IP. So to have a second, while it maybe possible, would require you to go around the commercial module in someway for it to know there is a second floating IP and to do something with it.

So yeah, at this point I would just go with “No it is not”

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We’ve done this to accommodate multiple SIP providers, one of which (long story) had to come in from a different VRF. In our case, we used a different address on each server (same subnet) and had the SIP provider failover sequentially between them. Seems to work OK, but totally unsupported and not recommended. I wouldn’t attempt to connect client devices that way in a million years. I’ve even thought about adding a separate firewall cluster to eliminate the need for this, but cabinet space is tight…

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