Two extensions, one phone, one extension lagged

I have a Polycom VVX400 hooked up to a FreePBX distro box, latest version.

This phone has two extensions registered to it using the commercial EPM; 120, and 206. The 206 extension is going UNREACHABLE, but they’re using the same physical link to the network all the way through. What could explain this behavior?

Just guessing here as I don’t know EPM but don’t use port 5060 for both phones and try
type = friend for the phones in extension settings.

Sorry, but I’m pretty sure both of those are wrong.

  • Everyone on the network is going to use the same port on the server for their phones.
  • I don’t remember extensions having a “type” - I think you’re thinking of trunks, which do have “peer”, “user”, and “friend” settings. I could be wrong there, and if you can, in fact, set the type, friend would make sense.

To help answer the original question - there’s something wrong with the second line’s configuration. Check /var/log/asterisk/full for the reason the server is refusing to connect to the second line. First guess is going to be password, but you haven’t really provided enough information that me to make any more targeted guesses than that.

I might still be wrong but you misunderstood my suggestion.

I have seen this issue with multiple phones on the same LAN where all phones are trying to use local port 5060 on the router and it does not work. For instance, I use 5060, 5062, 5063 for the three phones on my network so that the local sip port is different on all phones.

For Connection Type = friend instead of peer I mean the extension sip settings where you define the individual extension.

Fair enough, I didn’t provide enough info, and now going back and reading everything again it appears I misrepresented the issue a bit.

The problem extension is becoming lagged, not unreachable. It is usually connected.
[2016-12-01 13:15:58] NOTICE[2191] chan_sip.c: Peer ‘206’ is now Lagged. (2869ms / 2000ms)
[2016-12-01 13:16:08] NOTICE[2191] chan_sip.c: Peer ‘206’ is now Reachable. (23ms / 2000ms)

Lagged is quite different than unreachable. If all other variables are equal, and you are consistently seeing one account registration is solid, and one lags, I wonder if perhaps the phone is at fault.

If the only problem is the log, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Take me out back and paint me purple - I’d never noticed that there was a “type” setting for extensions. It’s amazing that you can do this every day for years and still learn something new every day.

As far as the different ports for different phones thing - setting up a port for every phone is unusual.

Back to the original question - lagging on one extension on a phone where there aren’t problems with any of the other extensions has got to be a phone problem. If you were seeing 2 seconds of lag on the rest of your network, you’d be noticing big time. Now, one thing you can check is that you aren’t actually seeing a piece of gear failing. I’ve seen situations like this caused by a bad switch in one installation and a bad hard drive on the database server for another.

To be sure, though, lagging is nearly always a problem with the network or network connected device. Start with that and see if you can spot any other trends that might be getting in your way.