Two DIDs on single trunk issue


I’ve configured single trunk to my provider but cannot get it to work with my 2 DIDs. It only works when my registration string is configured in following way:
my_username:[email protected]/my_DID1
I have incoming rules configured for my_DID1 > exte1 and my_DID2 > ext2.
In this configuration I am able to receive calls to both DIDs but they are both routed to same extension.
If I remove my_DID1 part from registration string(my_username:[email protected]) then no DID is being presented.

This is on latest freepbx 2.10.

Can anyone help?

How do you have your inbound routes set up?

In Inbound routes DID numbers configured with destination extension.

DID Number 334454114 destination extension 8001
DID Number 334867206 destination extension 8002

putting in “/my_DID1” is going to make it come in with that DID because that is what you are telling it to do in the registration.

You need to find out from your provider HOW or IF they are sending the DID to you. If they are sending it in the TO Header only then you can try using “from-pstn-toheader” as your context for the trunk.

Thank you guys, I have just tested it by changing registration string to my_DID2…

I’ve emailed my provider.


Like Phillipe says try changing your context to from-pstn-toheader, my bet is your provider is sending the DID’s in the TO header.

Guys, you are great. Just changed and tested with from-pstn-toheader and all works OK.

Best Regards