Two Custom RingTones in the same call

Hi, english is not my language native so apologize.

Well my problem is in this code

exten => 124,1,SIPAddHeader(“Alert-Info:;info=alert-group;x-line-id=0”)
exten => 124,n,Dial(SIP/124&SIP/123,5)
exten => 124,n,Wait(3)
exten => 124,n,SIPAddHeader(“Alert-Info:;info=alert-external;x-line-id=1”)
exten => 124,n,Dial(SIP/124,5)
; [ext-extension]

Both phones rings well, the first phone (124) changes his ringtone by alert-group selected but then not changes to alert-external :frowning: . What’s wrong?