Two CallerID formats, One Route

Hoping for some insights on this one.

I have two trunk providers that support some form of “passthrough” callerID.

One, we have our best luck sending NPANXXXXXX,
the other demands e.164 formatted calleriD

I want to use both of them as redundancy for outbound calls on the same dialing prefix (lets say *40)

is there a way to easily manipulate callerID on a Per-outbound-route, per-trunk basis?

I know I can manipulate the dialed number, but haven’t seen much for CallerID.

The goal here is to end up with a few hundred outbound routes (each with a unique dialing code), feeding the same 2-3 trunks

Any insights would be greatly appreciated, as always.

Set up a predial hook that checks the trunk name and rewrites the caller ID if required

damn… i was Really hoping i wasnt going to have to hand-build this.

Thank you my friend.

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