Twillio IVR to extension

I would like a voice IVR system and have seen that Twillio offer this service. Would it be possible to set this up so that it would call an extension in the PBX or a ring group and seeing the original caller ID? I have a phone number already but would like to keep this number and not port it with twillio, I would like to somehow forward the extension of what the caller says, will go to the certain extension and not a regular phone number.

My first thought was ‘no - that’s a non starter’.

Then I thought about it more and more, and still can’t think of a way to do this reliably.

Try it and see what Twilio sends you. Maybe you can differentiate the inbound call somehow to get it to work with a custom inbound context.

Maybe (maybe!)

Twilio sends the original caller ID in a SIP header. Send the call to a custom destination that parses SIP headers into variables that allow you to complete the transaction (set callerID and call extension X).

We don’t do this exactly, but we strip, set, use and resend the UUI from the SIP header as we send and receive calls between Avaya (core platform) and FreePBX (feature server), using the UUI to keep the call recorded as “one” interaction.

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