Twilio Setup


Following the YouTube videos was no good at all. The outbound calls worked but the inbound calls don’t. I tried adding the IP addresses to a sip_chan trunk but it did not work at all.

They have a better guide here “Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking – FreePBX Configuration Guide” using a pjsip trunk.

That also does not work but at least the phone rings. I’ve got all ports forwarded to FreePBX computer. I don’t see a place to add the IP addresses. There is no Firewall on my installation. It says things are missing " * The File “/usr/lib/sysadmin/includes.php” must exist. * The Module Named “sysadmin” is required." If there is no firewall why would that be the problem?

At the moment I just want to see it work.

Eventually I’ll host this on AWS but temporarily I want this on a RasPBX. My advice to anyone starting with the RasPBX system by the way would be to not bother. Nothing works on the trunking.

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