Twilio new IP and port ranges

Twilio will be changing its IP port range along with their RTP port range.
Here is a link to their page for complete information: [Page]

RTP: 10000-60000

I’ve updated my firewall rules to accept traffic from the IP and the RTP ports.
Do I also need to update the RTP Port Range section under the PBX to 10000-60000? It currently stands at the default 10000-20000 [Settings\Asterisk SIP Settings\RTP Settings].

I have grandstream gxp2170 phones and never set up anything related to RTP in them. Do I need to also configure the new RTP ranges to my phones if the ports in the PBX change from 10000-20000 to 10000-60000?

Thank you in advanced for your help.

No. You don’t need to touch the RTP port range in Asterisk, or phones.

Why not? Can Asterisk deal with RTP traffic sent to ports beyond its configured RTP range?

The defined SIP RTP port ranges are the ports on which the host will receive media. Asterisk will happily send media to whatever ports the far end advertises, which may not necessarily be within it’s own port range.

Twilio publishes it’s RTP range for those who firewall outbound traffic from the PBX.


That’s good to know. I’m ready for Jan 1st for their changes to be implemented.

Thank you, guys!

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So I need to allow outbound traffic over 20000-60000.
The original poster also forwards that port range for inbound traffic. Is that necessary?

Inbound RTP traffic to the PBX will only come over the ports specified in the Asterisk config. You don’t have to consider external host config when adjusting inbound routing rules.

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loosely related :slight_smile: The connection here is stateless so you basically just worry about your side of things…


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