Twilio Call forward on external number is not working

I am using Twilio as SIP trunk on freepbx and when I try to call forward on external number from my pbx extension to external number, Twilio reject that call forwarding and reply that I need to use REFER msg in invite.
and I do manually like
Incoming calls ----Answer on PBX Exten---- XFER to any external number its working.

also I create a custom destination and set this destination in inbound route directly then also its working.
now how to use REFER or transfer call to external number from freepbx via twilio with refer msg.

Thanks in advance.

Because they want to know you are not spoofing a caller id.

yes, we understand now problem is that how to do this from freepbx.
because if we use call forward in this case freepbx originate a new call and dial for Twilio and not getting any automatic dialplan on freepbx so that it can transfer that calls with REFER msg not as new calls

finally i wrote own custom module to transfer calls on external number like call forward.
Twilio not support unverified callerID in outgoing calls.

In call forward freepbx always originate new call with incoming call caller ID as SIP invite.

Twilio wants from freepbx:
SIP REFER msg in transferred calls to display original customer caller ID.

I wrote one custom module
like on incoming route DID destination is direct custom location and on this custom location i use custom dialplan like
transfer(SIP/[email protected])

this solve the problem.

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