Tutorial or book for analog PSTN to IP/SIP system setup?

ok, i have a 8 port FXO analog card, installed and recognized by DAHDI Config. i have upgraded to the latest distro (as opposed to a clean install of the latest distro), and have cluelessly setup some settings (hence the request for a tutorial/book recommendation) enough to have one extension setup. the phone i ordered will arrive Monday (will order more when i have things figured out), so i can’t really test anything.

As stated in another post, this is not for a business, yet. i am learning how it all works first.


Did you read this already? https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/DAHDI+Configs

no, but after reading it, my setup appears to be in order, according to that page. probably auto-detected when the system install ran.


We have a awesome free online training in the Sangoma Portal at portal.sangoma.com under the university tab. They are called essential training and we have them for lots of products including PBXact which in the end is basically FreePBX with some add ons and commercial support.

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Ok, thanks for that tip. i will try out a course this weekend. :grinning:


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