Turning off DND


Rather new admin here and I was wondering if anyone knew of a simple fast way to disable the ability for DND to be used from FreePBX 16? Additionally, setting up a schedule to only allow DND after or before certain times?


One Way:
You can disable the feature code(s) using the feature codes module

Better Way:
Set a BLF/PFK (button) on each IP endpoint for *76(ext)
example: *76101

This will set the button on the phone as GREEN (off): then if the button is pressed the color will go to RED (on)

Using this button for RED / GREEN better tells the phone’s user if DND is ON/OFF

Important Last TIP
Also, you should remove the DND (softkey) from inside the phone’s GUI (logic), so there is no DND button available on the phone other than the new BLF.

Thanks, I am looking to make it so the end user cannot enable DND and is kept in an available state, but after a certain time the phones automatically go into a DND state. Is this possible? Example would be after 5pm the phone goes into DND state and then at 8 am it goes into available state?

DND doesn’t have a schedule, but there are a couple of things that might be a solve to provide a similar goal.

Call Flow Controls and/or Time Conditions can be used to send call from an inbound route to an extension (or queue, ring group, IVR, etc.) during the day and directly to VM (or other destination, such as a night IVR) at night. With this, internal calls can still take place, but external calls will be directed appropriately.

To use the above, you would create a call flow control or time condition that points to your desired day destination and desired night destination, then in your inbound route you will change you inbound route to have a destination of the CFC/Time Condition. When the CFC is off/in day mode, it will go to the day destination, when on/in night mode, the calls will go to the night destination.

If this doesn’t quite achieve what you are looking for, can you let us knownwhat your goal is? (IE: to have calls from a certain DID go to a users extension during the day, but their VM at night.) And what your call flow is now (ie: call comes in and goes directly to an extension or queue or ring group, etc.)

Down and dirty is we believe we have team members that are sitting in DND all day and avoiding calls that are coming in. We want to disable their ability to use DND during the day, but because we have a handful that work from home, we wish to have DND enabled automatically at night, so their extensions do not ring when they are off hours, as they are hourly employees. We wish for the calls to still ring to the extensions that are not home extensions, as we do have on call. I have found that i can disable the soft button on the Yealink phone itself, as noted, which solves one issue, but we want them to be able to enjoy their off hours without the phones ringing at their homes.