Turning off asterisk manager API Events/Reporting?


First off, apologies if my wording is incorrect as I am not sure if “Events/Reporting” is the correct terminology. Second, when I telnet and log into asterisk manager API I get inundated with information and it makes it impossible for me to test scripts and see if they are working.

See image below.

If anyone knows if I can turn this off, or if there is a problem causing this it let me know.


It is designed that way, it is totally up to you to manage your “manager’s” access. Did you read anything about how it works yet?, and how you can set up an account with exactly what you need?. If not i PREPARED A COUPLE OF LINKS FOR YOU TO FOLLOW:-




(Please note ALL and EVERY cautions you encounter. . . . You are entering “Danger, Will Robinson!!!” land if you don’t know what you are doing with it, then the Palestinians and Chines will strip the shirt off your back :slight_smile: )