Turn down volume for music on hold

Is it possible to turn down the voulme for the music on hold? Ive noticed its extremely loud when its playing the music and they are wav files not mp3s, but at one time they were mp3s.

Bump. I’m looking for the same solution

There is NOT a built in adjustment as that would require additional CPU processing on the fly. If the volume is to loud for a particular MOH file pull the file down, reprocess the file with a lower volume in them and upload again.

I’m just using the default files. Oh well…

I’ve never had a problem with the default files and the volume being to loud. Neither has anybody posted this problem before so 10’s of thousands of people are finding the volume just fine.

You never once say what kind of phones and trunks you are using but check to be sure that the phone’s volume is not turned up to loud as a start. People will do this when they can’t hear a soft spoken person on the phone then forget to turn it back down later on.

If the lines that you are using that have this issue (to quite or loud) are POTS lines take a look at adjusting the TXgain (outbound volume) and RXgain (inbound volume) in the zapata*.conf files. That is the one place you can adjust the zolume of zap based devices. It’s supposed to be to used to normalize the volume between the phone system and the telco phone line. If you google volume adjustments for zap you’ll find plenty of info on the tools available to monitoring the line volume, etc.

I am using Voicepulse as our SIP trunk provider and we have grandstream phones but it shouldnt matter what phones we have, its the customers that are saying its to loud when we put them on hold. I converted MP3 files to wav files and uploaded them into MOH and they are loud. If i send myself into the call park the onhold music is loud. I have even called in from my cellphone and its loud. I cant just tell our customers to turn the volume down on their phone, thats not professional.

I have tried to find software were i can process the onhold music and lower the volume but i havent found any.

Audacity will do it for you, and it’s free.

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Until your post today you didn’t say they were external callers that were having the problem. So I made some assumptions and took a swing.

You seem to be all over the place here with info. To start you said the files were at one point mp3’s but are wav files now that have loud audio. Then you said they are the default files. I know for a fact that the default audio files provided with asterisk are volume balanced, so next I assumed that your connection would be the issue and the only connection type where you can adjust audio is analog zap connections. With zap you can adjust the volume on it via the statements I said above. People have been known to NOT pay attention to the recommendations of adjusting in small increments and do a single big jump like 10 or 20 instead of 2 or 3 thus making the audio way to loud auickly. But those commands only work for zap and don’t work for SIP.

Then you said you noticed it being loud so I assumed you were listening on your phone (thus the check volume), not customers complaining.

It helps to get all the details out and provide a complete picture to begin with so that people don’t have to make assumptions which can end up being wrong because of the lack of info.

Here is a post from two years ago about adjusting volume of a SIP trunk:http://www.trixbox.org/forums/vendor-moderated-forums/grandstream/adjusting-volume-sip-trunks That info is still correct.

I never once said they were the default files. Someone else posted after me saying he had the same problem and he was using the default files. I converted my mp3’s to wav files because for some reason freepbx didnt want to play them as mp3’s so i converted and now they pay just way to loud.

I saw the post saying to use audacity and i downloaded it but stupid me couldnt get it to work.

I missed that somebody else posted in the middle from somebody else so I’m sorry about that.

You never said what version / or distro. but I’ll take a wild guess it’s trixbox 2.4 or greater. If so the reason mp3’s don’t work is that they removed the mp3 codec support from the distro because people with REAL low end systems were complaining that while playing MOH that the box would come to a crawl.

Since they were converted from mp3 to wav I’m guessing that the program that did it also adjusted the audio volume in some way.

I’ve not messed with audacity to know. I have access to a licensed copy of sound forge which works wonderful for that and many other effects.

For Audacity:

First, if you’re using MP3s you’re going to need the lame encoder, so follow the instructions here:

Second, to actually use it, you have a couple of options. Load the sound file you want to screw with, then you can do “control-a” to select all, then go to “effect” and select “amplify” and adjust the volume, or use the “normalize” which will normalize the audio to -3 dB. It will probably take some experimentation to get it the way you want it.


Using Sox to Change Volume

The general option -v is used to change the volume. The argument to this option is used as a multiplier:

sox -v 2.0 foo.wav bar.wav

places in bar.wav a copy of foo.wav with the volume doubled.

As pointed out to use sox with mp3 files you’ll need the lame encoder installed