Hi, I’m trying to integrate TTY over VOIP and would like to have information regarding the matter. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

back when i worked at the Telco, we simply attached an ATA / analog telephony adapter to the VOIP platform and used a legacy TTY device.

I assume this is what is called TDD in the UK, i.e. text communication for the deaf, rather than ASR33 type teletypes. As it says in the key thing is you must use a reasonable quality 3.1kHz audio codec, typically the variant of G.711 (A-law or µ-law) as used by your country’s PSTN network. You mustn’t use a speech type codec, like GSM or G.729.

100% this.
HDVOICE and teletype / tdd do not mix.

Oh there will be no added support integration on my part (VOIP service) ? Thank for the quick reply.

Ok got it. Thank for the info.

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