TTS with IVR in FreePBX?

I have the Polly and Flite TTS engines setup and working for voicemail recordings. Now I’m trying to create an IVR that uses the text to speech engines in a similar manner.

I go to Applications->Text To Speech and I create the TTS and set it for either Flite or Polly Engine and give it a destination of IVR->“Home IVR Welcome”.

Then I go to Applications->IVR->Add IVR, give it a name and description of “Home IVR”, and then select the Announcement drop down which says None and has no other options. My “Home IVR Welcome” TTS that I created does not show up.

So I’ve googled it and found several different answers ranging from TTS doesn’t work with IVR yet (circa 2019) to needing to manually upload recording files for system recordings. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to use the Text To Speech engine to generate the IVR welcome and prompts yet?

Since IVR is selectable as a TTS destination, I’m assuming that it has been tied in to the IVR module and I’m just not looking at something right with it???



We use Polly TTS with our IVRs, but we did so building the IVRs in dial plan (vs the GUI). It works though, no problems.

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