TTS read from a file

I am trying to figure out how in the heck to get the Text to Speech module to read from a FILE rather than what’s typed into the “box” in the configuration.

I’d like it to read dynamic information that is dumped into said file from elsewhere.

Any ideas?


This has already been done. Github user, phwhite made substantial modifications to the original TTS ver. 1.x module including reading from a file and even from URL, and released it as version 2.x. Unfortunately, Schmoozecom also updated 1.x and released it as 2.x with the same name. In its current form, both modules can’t coexist on the same system, but there is a hack to make it work linked below:

Dev site:
name conflict patch:

Thanks SO much!

Freakin Awesome! It works!

So the whole point of this exercise is to take the weather data that is written to a file on one of my file servers from my weather station, and make a misc application that someone can dial a feature code and have the local weather spoken to them.

It works GREAT!

Thanks again!

I agree, phwhite’s TTS module is amazing.

can anyone give me a rundown how to install this module im very new to LINUX


Hello and welcome. First Linux is a proper name, only the first character contains a capital.

You didn’t tell us what system you are trying to install it on (all versions, distro, etc.)

Second, you didn’t tell us what you have tried and didn’t work. Have you looked at the Readme file? It talks about integration and other software it requires.

You donload the file from the attached link to your /usr/src directory then follow the install instructions.

Looks to be a patch also so make sure you apply that exactly per the thread instructions.

Disregard install instructions from SkykingOH in previous post. This is a FreePBX module that requires manual install.

In FreePBX, Admin, Module Admin, Uninstall the Schmooze Text to Speech Module
Download the tarball from the link above and save in a temporary location. Do not decompress the file.
In FreePBX, Admin, Module Admin click “Upload modules”, and browse the the previously saved tarball
In FreePBX, Admin, Module Admin, locate the “Text to Speech” module published by [email protected], click, install and reload.

Due to a naming conflict, both modules can not be installed on the same FreePBX system without modification. If you require both, follow the link above to get instructions to fix.

Why not get the module changes submitted back to us so we can include them and not keep telling users to go grab some random module that may or may not break their whole system in the future with upgrades.

Not my module and dev hasn’t been around for years. The icing on the cake is there is no license info in the repo. Situation is probably as good as it gets.

Well is it based off the same one we have in FreePBX? If so that would be the license as someone could not change the license.

Yes, and I don’t understand why my information was wrong. The README in the link provided gave a manual install. I didn’t test the tarball installer.

Would they not still have to run the patch?