TTS in FreePBX 17

@dolesec one glaring hole that the project has had for a long time is the lack of a usable built in TTS engine. There are work arounds but they require leaving the gui and having some knowledge of Linux. Is there any plans for 17 to incorporate something like picotts or a more gui based input for the commercial tts (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc.) again, there are guides on how to get setup and going, I’m questioning a native integration.

probably not easily possible. they All need an account with user and payment (not easily scriptable) apart from from google’s python gtts-cli which has no such limitations

I realize that but I was thinking something like:

You got to the vendor of choice, sign up, get an API key, etc.

You bring your api key to the FreePBX GUI to enable the engine to be used. Maybe a commercial module. Voice, at least to me, is something that’s important on every PBX we have, but that could be bias.

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This isn’t as simple as that. This would have to be done like the SMS module which requires a connector per vendor. Each vendor will have its own method on how to accept requests and their responses to the requests. So there would need to be a general function that handles User<>FreePBX but then something will need to take that information and push it to the specific vendor connector to send it out that specific vendor with all their requirements, accept the response and convert that to something to be used by FreePBX/Asterisk.

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