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TTS Engine Custom - Amazon Polly - 24 languages


If you are willing to offer some guidance here and there, I’m willing to put in the work. :slight_smile:

(Jerson Jr) #84

SSML Example:

<p><s>This is a test<break time=\\\"3000ms\\\"/>, <prosody rate=\\\"-15%\\\">Another test.</s></p>



SSML won’t work in the TTS module as it is currently written (it speaks the markup; “less than p greater than less than s greater than This is a test less than break…”). I’m thinking that, at least for the polly engine, the user will be able to choose either “plain text” or “SSML” mode for entering their text in the “TTS module of the future” so that it is passed to the engine correctly depending on that selection.