Trying to use third party integration but not working

Hello ,

We have an integration from the main home page before admin redirect to two different management system : Billing / Time

the entire software is based on php files billing and time.

now . the billing page works fine while clicking on it but time display a total white page

location :

billing : /var/www/html/billing
time : /var/www/html/time

in older version than 16 this works fine

in version 16 billing page works fine but time page will only display white page with no errors to follow .

this integration was not made by me , but im quite sure its not in the source code of our software because it works quite ok in different versions

Any clue ?

Added some screenshots for clarification of the redirect coming from the files

Thanks for any help ! :sweat_smile:

href :


These are not FreePBX questions, but questions on maintaining some other code; either a custom project or some other third party development. Without identifying exactly what these projects are, you’re not likely to get useful info.

One thing you might look for in the php code for /time (assuming it’s not obfuscated) are issues associated with the php version. FreePBX 16 uses a newer version of php than 15.

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thanks , will definitely look on that :pray: :pray: :pray: