Trying to upgrade from 14 to 15

Getting the following error:

Migrating legacy backupjobs
Moving servers to filestore

In Filestore.class.php line 200:

  trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given

moduleadmin [-f|--force] [-d|--debug] [--edge] [--ignorecache] [--stable] [--color] [--skipchown] [-e|--autoenable] [--skipdisabled] [--snapshot SNAPSHOT] [--format FORMAT] [-R|--repo REPO] [-t|--tag TAG] [--skipbreakingcheck] [--sendemail] [--onlystdout] [--] [<args>]...

This is at line 200

public function addItem($driver,$data){
		$id = \Ramsey\Uuid\Uuid::uuid4()->toString();
		$data['driver'] = $driver;
        //The below line is line 200
		$fsdata = array_map('trim',$data);
		return $this->saveConfig($id,$fsdata);

I am not a PHP guy and not sure how to fix this… So I can complete the upgrade

Any help appreciated

My “solution” was

use asterisk;
show tables like '%backup%';

and truncate every table

You are a life saver my friend, I was breaking my head as our upgrade was stuck in Backup. all the commercial modules including sysadmin was in disabled state. Finally you gave me the solution. I truncated all the tables and then backup installed without any issues and the upgrade completed successfully,

Sample truncate commands,

MariaDB [asterisk]> truncate table backup_cache;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.01 sec)

MariaDB [asterisk]> truncate table backup_details;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

MariaDB [asterisk]> truncate table backup_items;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

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Bumped into another issue today. (This update was divided in two. 1/2: Update the PBX from 14 to 15 and Asterisk from 16 to 18. 2/2: Convert all ChanSIP extensions to PJSIP)

While the phones tried to re-provision, I noticed that it doesn’t pull the new configuration. So I went to pbx.ip:83 and it prompted for authentication.

This PBX does not have SysAdmin pro, and no one has manually enabled http auth.

to be sure, the http auth file actually exists:

[[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/httpd/provis.http.auth

I searched the forums and found this post where Kapil Gupta advises to go to Sysadmin → port management → submit (without any changes)

Tried that, no luck.

Then is when I came across this post from Rob Thomas, and as you can see, http auth got enabled during the upgrade.

[[email protected] ~]# mysql asterisk -e 'select * from sysadmin_options where `key` like "provis%"'
| key        | value |
| provisauth | both  |

So the workaround here is:

use asterisk;
update sysadmin_options set `value` = 'none' where `key` ='provisauth';

Run fwconsole reload
Then follow Kapil’s instructions mentioned above.

To confirm it worked, check for the http auth file

[[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/httpd/provis.http.auth
cat: /etc/httpd/provis.http.auth: No such file or directory

edit - marked as resolved in 15.0.19

Hey Lorne, the ticket I created is in a ‘needs information’ status. I didn’t have a chance to send the tar file, but if it’s easy to reproduce then I don’t think that I need to send that.

Can you please merge both issues?

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