Trying to update to 6.12.65-31 fails

Currently running 13. I went to systemadmin, and then to updates, and tried to update from 6.12.65-30 to 6.12.65-31. It runs, the log shows that it has been completed but when I reload the page, the Current Version still shows 6.12.65-30 no matter what I do.

I still keep trying and never can move forward to the next version. The log shows it occuring but the version show is still 6.12.65-30.


If you have a backup I would suggest restoring from it because the state of your installation might be uncertain but try to run the scripts manually (taking care of not forgetting to run any).

I have System Admin Pro as well and I have had more than once some problems updating from there but it was ok manually…

Good luck and have a nice day!