Trying to understand Dial Patterns

Dear List members

Good morning. I am trying to set up a dial pattern in my box, and cannot seem to get the hang of it. Here is my situation

as I can see, there are three boxes
(prepend)+(prefix) | (match pattern)

My understanding is, if I put anything in prepend, that gets added, and if I put anything in prefix, that gets removed from match pattern.

I would like to configure it so if anyone diales
then it will go through the trunk as

So, in my route rules, I have put 0 in (prepend), 0044 in (prefix), and 0044207255XXXX in (match pattern) – and it is not working. but if I remove the (prefix), the calls are going out with 3 leading zeroes as expected. Is this because I should not be using both prepend and prefix at the same time, or what else am I missing?

Any pointer/suggesion is highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards

Replying to my own message, as I have made some changes which seem to do what I want it to do

changed the above settings to

Not sure if this is how it is supposed to be or expected to be, but this seem to be working as I wanted or expected it to work. Would appreciate if someone could please confirm if this is correct or have I taken a more dangerous path.

Thanks and regards

You are correct. Digits go into either match pattern or prefix not both as you have discovered.