Trying to set up VPN so I can connect to my office FreePBX Admin Panel from Home, have tried multiple VPNs to no avail

I have a archer ac4000 and I have tried using openVPN and PPTP and I can connect to the User Control Panel and Zulu but not the admin panel. I also got the system admin module thinking that would help but I try to VPN into a user and that doesn’t work either.

Is there any way for me to connect to the admin panel with either the router or the module?

Is SSH access working? If so, in putty (Windows) or on the ssh command line (Linux, Mac) forward local port 80 (if HTTP) or 443 (if HTTPS) to
(replace 123 with the port you use for admin)
then open your browser to
or (admin panel)
and https:// not working when I connect to the router VPN.

Is there any way to access it from the router VPN. My IP shows up as the WAN for the server and I white listed that WAN.

My router has openVPN server running at ( which have a different subnet than the main network ( If I connect to the router from outside, I get IP address within the range of ( If this is the case with you, you need to allow devices on ( to access to the main network (

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