Trying to run a report

Anyone know how to run a report on a specific DID? I know I can run it on the extension but I need to find a way to run it on a specific DID because my client has 2 DID’s going to the same place. I appreciate anyone’s expertise. Thanks!

This feature was introduced on version 2.10

Awesome! Now what is the best method to upgrade asterisk to 1.8 with PIAF…? I only ask because the upgrade tool says there are known issues with 1.6.

I am not a PBX in Flash guy, I think they have scripts. Check in their forums/support site.

Do you know what the known issues are though?

Known issues with what?

Upgrading to freepbx 2.10 on asterisk 1.6.

Upgrading to freepbx 2.10 on asterisk 1.6.

None I am aware of. As a whole Asterisk 1.8 is a much more stable version than 1.6.

Read the Asterisk changlogs to get an idea of what I am referring to.

Didn’t find anything… oh well… I just installed it on my test box and everything appears to be fine. However I made some test calls and the CDR is not showing the DID’s they are coming in on. Any idea?

What context is your trunk in?


Any idea?