"Trying to get property of non-object" error enabling Sangoma Connect

(Erik Carlseen) #1

When I click “Enable Sangoma Connect” the blue progress bar starts going and then throws the following error:

Trying to get property of non-object


No data is added to any of the log files during this process.

No meaningful packets are blocked during this process, at least as far as I can tell. Our public interface always has garbage being thrown at it, so I’m filtering for anything that looks SIP or HTTPS-related with any of Sangoma’s servers.

Things I’ve tried (works fine = no obvious errors):

Remove certificates - works fine.
Updates certificates - throws same error as above, progress bar gets stuck.
Remove domain - works fine.
Register domain - works fine
Cloud connect agent: Stop - works fine
Cloud connect agent: Update - works fine
Cloud connect agent: Remove - works fine
Cloud connect agent: Install - works fine
Cloud connect agent: Start - works fine

Delete / reinstall Sangoma Connect - works fine.
Rebooting server

(TheJames) #2

This should be raised as a commercial module ticket with support so it can be addressed as a bug

(Simon Telephonics) #3

Did you try reinstalling the sysadmin module (or just updating all your modules to current)?

(Erik Carlseen) #4

All modules / RPM are current.

I didn’t try reinstalling sysadmin. I’ll give that a shot. [UPDATE: good suggestion, but no change]

(Erik Carlseen) #5

Added a bug report.

(Erik Carlseen) #7

I enabled SQL dumping and the last line before failure is always:

SELECT * FROM sysadmin_fail2ban where active=1

I don’t see an entry there for Sangoma Connect, so I’m betting that when the module is reinstalled it fails to recreate the necessary table entries there.

If someone with sangomaconnect installed could run this and post the output I’d be much obliged.

(Kapil Gupta) #8

Please update to the latest sysadmin edge release module i.e. v15.0.21.68 / v14.0.39.33


(Greg Snover) #9

Reboot the machine - fwconsole restart didn’t seem to fix the problem for me, but restarting did - also, you might have to “Run Domain Action” and then “Remove Domain” and then add it back in - but try the reboot first…

(Erik Carlseen) #10

Installing v15.0.21.68 from the edge repository resolved this issue.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!

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