Trying to get Ekiga soft phone on Linux and Phoner soft phone on Windows to register as sip phones

Hello there,

Name here is Scott and I am new to Freepbx. I am trying to get my software sip phones to register with Freepbx and Asterisk. I am using Ubuntu 12.0 with Asterisk 1.8 and Freepbx 2.10. I have went ahead and created extension and I have my father on Ekiga go through the Add Sip wizard and we input all information as asked for but when we go to try to register we get the following error:

Could not be registered (failed.)

So I am a bit confused here. I have played around with telephones a bit but this has me buffaloed at least for a moment.

You didn’t tell us anything about your network. Do you have the port mappings and NAT setup? Is the localnet configured properly?

I need some help to find these options and I’ll double check them. How should the network localnet and the port mappings. Once I have a place to go then I can confirm the info that should be there.

I have the localnet as:

The port mapping on the router which is a Buffalo router is open with all ports going to the Asterisk/Freepbx box.