Trying to get a number to bypass the IVR and dial directly to a Ring Group

I didn’t actually setup the FreePBX installation we have. So I’m not as familiar with it as I should be.

But there’s an FXO card with 4 lines coming in to it. All four lines lead directly to the same IVR. Now, there’s some confusion in that I’m not sure HOW those lines end up at the IVR.

We have an Inbound Route that has the IVR as a destination, and it is an “Any DID/Any CID” route. So I assume it defaults to picking up all 4 of the lines. But I don’t see explicit connections between the card/phone lines, and the trunks, and the Inbound Route.

But now I need one of those 4 lines to ring directly to a Ring Group, and I’m at a loss as to how.

I’ve searched for the answer, but all I found were other people having a host of separate issues. The codecs weren’t right, or I need to do it in Zaptel, and modify zapata.conf, but then I shouldn’t modify zapata.conf because freepbx does it for me.

I was hoping it would be rather easy, though I’m not surprised it isn’t.

This seems like it would be a pretty common desire, and therefore would be pretty plainly laid out as to how, but, and this is probably just me, I’m just not seeing how to do it.

All you have to do is point the inbound route directly to the ring group instead of the IVR.


That would work if I wanted all 4 numbers to go to the ring group.

But I only want 1 of the 4 to go to the Ring Group instead of the IVR. THe other 3 should stay on the IVR.

Because you are using POTS lines which can’t advertise DID info to FreePBX, you first need to manually assign DID’s to each of the DAHDI channels. This is done via the ‘DAHDI Channel DIDs’ module (or ‘Zap Channel DIDs’ module in older versions). Once this is done, you can structure inbound routes using the DID to determine how incoming calls are directed.

That actually does help out a lot, and I’ll try that next.

As an aside, would this be why when I created the inbound route, and put the desired number(ten digit) into the “DID Number” field, nothing changed? It just rang through to the IVR anyway? It didn’t have the number recognized as a separate channel?

Also, actually, and I don’t want to seem completely incapable of doing this, but…

Do you know where I’m supposed to get that module. Looking at “Module Admin” in freepbx, I’m not seeing that particular option to install, and Google doesn’t provide anything either.

Unfortunately it didn’t seem to have done anything. I have ZAP Channel DIDs in the 'applications" tab. It says I need to edit zapata.conf, but I don’t see zapata.conf in /etc/asterisk/

I found dahdi settings in ‘dahdi-channels.conf’.

And i changed all of the “context=from-pstn” to “from-dahdi” and then “from-zaptel”, but that doesn’t seem to have done -anything-. Not even break anything. Calls seem to behave in exactly the same way. i made a Zap Channel DID with the 7 digit phone number, then I made an inbound route with the matching 7 digit number. still nothing.

How do I assign the port to the DID number if changing dahdi-channels.conf isn’t it?


I had to restart Asterisk for it to work.

I should have known that.I got so caught up in how complicated I thought it all was, I forgot the basics.