Trying to figure out what version and how to upgrade

I’m trying to figure out what version of AsteriskNow(?) I have and how to upgrade. This is on a VMware VM. The main page when I log onto the web admin page says FreePBX and has an *NOW icon on the upper button bar.
System Overview shows FreePBX
Asterisk Info shows Asterisk (Ver. 11.16.0)
System Admin shows PBX Firmware as 6.12.65-26 & PBX Service Pack:

If I do a download of support files (FreePBX Versions) I see
asteriskinfo: 12.0.2
(not sure what else is relevant)

So, what version am I running and how do I upgrade? Since I’m not running any digium hardware can I upgrade to straight FreePBX?

I think you should setup another VM with FreePBX 14 and use the conversion tool to migrate to the 14 machine.

Once you confirmed that everything is on the new machine, simply change the old VM to dhcp and set the new VM with the IP of the old machine.

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