Trying to disable firewall without repercussions

Is there any way to disable firewall module on v16 and prevent access and not have it disable access to the intrusion detection section of sysadmin as well? It’s even worse than disable because it gives a message that the intrusion detection module can’t be found which just causes confusion. It also still shows the firewall module status in dashboard even though I have that setting disabled in Advanced settings.

Basically, I don’t want to use firewall module at all and hide it from non-superadmin users. With recent changes, it seems to be impossible to do that without it affecting other things I still want to use, such as intrusion detection. It also gives confusing indicators in the GUI when I try do this. I think this worked ok in v15 but in v16 the sysadmin and firewall modules became dependent on each other for some things and now it’s kind of a mess.

Even trying to describe the problem is difficult because there are 2 levels of enabled for firewall module. There is installed and enabled in module admin and then there is the enabled setting in Connectivity > Firewall as well. I was hoping I could get away with it being installed and enabled in module admin, but not enabled in the firewall settings and hidden from non-superadmins so they could not enable it, but that seems to be impossible without causing other problems.

If you want the sysadmin intrusion detection features, the firewall module must be installed and enabled. This is true in 15 and 16. If you don’t want firewall features, then you can browse to Connectivity → Firewall and ensure it remains disabled there. If you don’t want administrators to be able to see this module, you can limit the modules they can see by disabling firewall for this admin user.

I’m unable to repro this. ^^

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Thank you for the response. I thought I disabled firewall status but it didn’t stick for some reason. Seems to be working now. It’s actually a v15 system I mistakenly thought was v16.

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