Trying to Connect through NAT

Greetings to All,

I am having a problem getting a Sip connection through NAT. I can see the SIP phone getting to the the telephone system ( Asterisk Box ) in the router log. I am getting no response from the Asterisk. I have the sip endpoint configured for NAT; nat=yes. And I tried ice support on and off. I have a Asterisk-13.35 running with a Sip endpoint that breaks NAT to connect. I was instructed to put the outside address and local network ip scheme. Like this: localnet= externaddr= in the general context of SIP.CONF. I read connections through NAT would not work unless you had the outside/inside networks configured as above. Where in the PBX GUI would I be able to configure that for the extension. This an older version of FreePBX sporting Asterisk-11.20. Any and help is appreciated.

Thank You.

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