Trusted Dahdi trunk dialing out

Hi all,

My setup is like:

[Analog PBX] <-- PRI-E1 --> [Asterisk w/ Dahdi card] <–> SIP trunks

There are extensions on the Analog PBX (range 1xx). There are SIP extensions via Asterisk (range 6xxx). Both need to dial out through the SIP trunks. In FreePBX Dahdi configuration, I changed the context from “from-digital” to “from-internal”.

So far everything works but the Analog users dialing out through the SIP trunks. When they do, the SIP header has wrong From line:

From: “Anonymous” <sip:[email protected]>;tag=as01e8d0ad

My questions are:

  1. How can I set a correct From line?

  2. What is the best way to configure INTERNAL Dahdi trunks so they are trusted to dial out?

thanks for any advice.

Sorry to bump; the forums move fast. Has anyone made Dahdi trunks be trusted to dial out?

The upstream SIP trunk doesn’t register; it uses the From header in an INVITE to authenticate. The anonymous From is preventing these calls from being accepted.

Configure your trunk properly to send authentication to your SIP provider.

Could you be more specific? The trunk provider doesn’t support registration. Calls are byu INVITE only.

This seems to be related:

Have you looked through the SIP variables? You don’t have to register to set the from-user.