Trunk wont Register

All of the sudden out of no where our trunk wont register with VoIP Street, we’ve spoken to their tech support and can’t find anything on their end. It’s weird I was able to register both with SIPStation no problem and register to VoIPStreet on a SIP Phone on my computer no issue and make / receive calls. But for some reason out of no where the FreePBX system seems to not be allowing it.

I did a packet capture from the FreePBX system and saw ZERO activity to the VoipStreet server, I did see activity to SIPStation, I also saw activity to VoIP street when doing a packet capture on the computer with the SIP Phone.

But for some gosh dang reason the FreePBX box its self seems to not be allowing traffic to VoIPStreet, I’ve also tried disabling the firewall on FreePBX.

FreePBX 13.0.113

So the question I suppose would be why on earth would FreePBX all of the sudden be telling me the trunk is timing out and not registering, show no network traffic for that SIP provider on a packet capture but it works fine from a Soft Phone and with another SIP Provider. I keep getting the sip_reg_timeout registration timed out trying again in the CLI.

I’ve verified I can ping / traceroute to the VoIP Street server from the FreePBX server

I use VOIP Innovations for my connectivity. They are configured (usually) very much the same way.

When we had this specific problem, tech support told us that everything was perfectly A-OK.

When we called Billing we found the problem.

Tech support may or may not have access to your billing information, so they be troubleshooting the wrong problem.

If you can register with a softphone and make calls then try to change the bind port of your asterisk box.