Trunk - There is a limit?

Hi everyone

I’m current on a project the involves freepbx
In this project we my need a 100+ sip trunk configured on a single instance.
A never do something on this scale, there is a limit to siptrunk config to add?

Thank you all

A trunk is an endpoint. Asterisk can handle way more than 100 endpoints with the right hardware.

However, 100+ trunks seems odd. Perhaps you are referring to 100+ concurrent calls on the trunk?

Thanks PitzKey!
The 100+ trunk if because of the project scope.
The client need to make “local” call for more the 100+ different city’s for call emergency from a remote security surveillance department.

Still not how it works.

100+ trunks is not the right solution. Get 100+ numbers from a reputable provider that delivers them all over one trunk and allows you to send any of those numbers as caller ID on outbound. (You will likely have a second trunk as backup, depending on technical details.)

What country is this in?

Is from Brazil.
I’m imagining using outbound routes and dial plans for specific trunk.

Call 01911 > Dial Plan grep as prefix, prepend to 911 > route to trunk 20 city X
Call 02911 > Dial Plan grep as prefix, prepend to 911 > route to trunk 21 city Y

Sorry, I know nothing about emergency calling in Brazil. I believe that 911 and 112 are implemented to accommodate foreign visitors and simply redirect to 190 (Military Police).

However, it is common for large businesses, hotels, etc. to have multiple locations that need to be distinguished for emergency dispatch, even though they call over a common trunk. Ask your local VoIP providers if it’s possible to have multiple phone numbers on a single account, each with a different associated physical address and which would route to the appropriate dispatcher.

However, if none of the providers can do this, there should be no problem with 100+ trunks; Asterisk can handle that easily, especially given that most of them will usually be idle.

A appreciate your opinion
Base on my diaplan strategy, you belive is valid or maybe is a beater way to approach ?

Your idea will technically work. It is just insane to even think of in the first place.

Where is your service coming from? Do you actually have 100+ service providers? One in each city? I highly doubt it.

You have 1 trunk to your service provider and you send the correct information to the PSAP (or whatever the PSAP is called in Brazil) based on the extension making the call.

You can do that by specifying a unique outbound CID in each extension, or by making 100+ outbound routes.

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