Trunk Sequence Delay

Hi everyone. Just got our asterisk/freepbx server running. Trunks all work correct but there is a slight problem, today our voip provider went down which meant we had to call via our isdn, there is no problem there. The only thing is that the time taken for it to switch to the next trunk in the sequence is somewhere around 30 seconds. It does switch and work perfectly, but i just want it to be done quicker. Im guessing there is a timeout somewhere before the system switched to any of the backup trunks in the sequence, but where is it!!??

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the most likely issue - your VOIP provider is not completely down so it is sitting there negotiating with them until they finally give you some kind of response. The FreePBX timeout to keep ringing a trunk is 5 minutes but for a good reason. You may end up connecting to a remote end when using digital lines (VoIP, PRI, ISDN) where the remote end keeps early media flowing without actually answering a call. For example, calling some airline’s and getting their IVR and navigating through it may all happen while the line is not technically answered. If you lower that time, these calls will be cut off.

So … the dilema is that either your carrier needs to be completely unreachable in which case the fail over is quick, or they need to tell you quickly, through their signaling, that they are rejecting the call so you can move on to the next trunk.