Trunk registration rejected


I just started working with FreePBX so maybe I’m missing something (or lot of things) but I have a behavior y can’t understand.

I just installed a FreePBX. Created a couple extensions and defined 2 trunks. The trunks are extensions of a Cisco Call Manager (Cisco-CUCM11.5)

If I setup a single trunk with CUCM everything is fine but when I create a second one It is rejected. If I remove the first one then the second register successfully. It appears than I can only register one at a time (im using different users for every trunk).

After making some searches It looks like CUCM don’t like receving more than one registration from the same IP:port. It looks like source port is always 5060. Is there a way to change it to a random source port?

I copy here the errors. I can register with several CUCM extensions from one computer using different instances of microsip (source port in this case is different for each one).

[2021-05-06 10:19:40] WARNING[11111] res_pjsip_outbound_registration.c: ‘404’ fatal response received from ‘sip:’ on registration attempt to ‘sip:[email protected]’, retrying in ‘30’ seconds

Why would you want more than one trunk ?

Actually I’d prefer having a single trunk but my provider give me a few extensions from his CUCM. Now I have to use those extensions as a trunk and forward calls from several extensions from my PBX

For two trunks with different source ports, set up one on pjsip and the other on chan_sip.

If you need e.g. five trunks, you can set up multiple transports for pjsip. However, I believe you will need some manual edits to the pjsip configuration.

If you need e.g. 100 trunks, this is not practical and you need to explore other solutions.

Who is this ‘provider’ (another department in your organization, your ISP, a company you connect to over the internet)? I’m curious because you are registering to private IP address.

What calls are you sending from FreePBX to CUCM (outside calls, calls to extensions on CUCM, other)?

What calls are sent from CUCM to FreePBX (outside calls to your DIDs, other outside calls e.g. IVR options, calls from CUCM extensions)?

What doesn’t work correctly if you use only one trunk, e.g. you need to send calls with different caller IDs?

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