Trunk registration does not exist

Hi everyone.

I have 2 asterisk servers, NUMBER 1 works perfectly. But NUMBER 2 have an especific problem: My trunk does not register with my SIP provider, BUT the registration request does not even exist.
When i do a “sip show registry” it shows nothing. (0 SIP registrations)

My register string is “”. But i think that the problem resides elsewhere, because if i create a trunk (IN SERVER NUMBER 1) with no information in it and a fake registration string i can see it with failed status in sip show registry.

Sip_regsitration.conf shows the string, but it’s like its not even trying to send the request to my SIP provider server.

Let me know if you need additional information

pd: i may have misspelled something due to i do not speak english. Let me know if you dont understand something.

Thanks in advance.

look like? is this freepbx? and if so what version?