Trunk registered, calls do not work

Hello all,

I am trying to get a new ISP connection working.

It is a multi-device connection, so not a classic SIP trunk.
From the ISP I only have the information that all 3 SIP accounts have to be registered separately, the SIP server and the login data and a list with ‘VoIP RFC Support and Methods’ which are used or supported.

The 3 SIP accounts I have set up are ‘online’ and ‘registered’ (PJSIP).
However, calls do not work inbound or outbound.

Outgoing I get ‘all circuits are busy now’ and in the logs it says ‘Service unavalible’ or ‘Forbidden’.
Incoming calls don’t seem to arrive at Freepbx at all, at least I don’t see anything in the logs or sngrep.

If I register the SIP accounts directly on a softphone (phonerlite) on the same network, at least the incoming calls work.
If I register the SIP accounts directly on the router hardware provided by the ISP, both incoming and outgoing calls work.
All this with the same NAT/firewall settings. Other SIP trunks on the same system work without problems.

How can I check further from here and isolate/solve the problem?
The ISP does not help me with the configuration on other devices, but I like to make the SIP accounts work in the Freepbx.

Thanks and many greetings.

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