Trunk online, Outbound route set, but can´t call

Hi, I set up my freePBX with an greek VoIP provider, trunk is working, so far dahsboard shows “trunk online:1”
User can also connect, dashboard also state “user online:1”

But I can´t call any number… I tried with greek numbers, german numbers… no success… I get a service 503 error on Windows Sip Client.

Also how to set the trunk up to get used with user (in my case user 100)?

I just used 3cx or starface so far, so I´m totally new to freePBX

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Just guessing, assuming a pjsip trunk, try setting From User to the same value you have in Username and From Domain to the same value you have in SIP Server.

Also, confirm that you are dialing in the format your provider requires. For example, you may need to dial 2103224020, 302103224020 or +302103224020.

What, if anything, do you hear when you attempt to call?

Does Echo Test *43 work properly?

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