Trunk Not Registering

Hello there.

I Have a sip trunk that will not allow my registration string.

this server needs a reply from my pbx before it allows my pbx’s ip through, apparently my pbx is not responding to it on port 5060 or port 5160,

but i have all the sip ports set to default (freepbx distro latest stable - 13 i think)

not sure how to resolve it. i have tried firewall settings lots of different trunk settings. and the trunk provider is not really helping because its my own pbx.

maybe there is a setting i’m missing???

i need my pbx to respond to a sip request that comes in.

On your firewall, are you forwarding incoming traffic on port 5060 to your pbx?
I would do a packet capture on the firewall to see if traffic is passing through or not.

thanks, this server is not firewalled it is assigned a public IP