Trunk doesn't reconnect after looses internet

Hi guys, I’m with a doubt,
Here I have an asterisk server that works very well using the FreePBX interface. All my trunks are Polycom SoundPoint IP 330 models. But when my internet connection restarts, or goes down and becomes online again my trunks don’t get online. I have to wait sometime, like 20 min, or restart the fone to make it online again.
Do I have another way to make the phones get ready faster?

The IP 330 is a telephone, so is an extension in FreePBX terms, not a trunk.

Use a provider who doesn’t change IP addresses for short outages, or routinely.

Change the phone settings to re-register more frequently. Reduce the maximum re-registration interval in Asterisk. I’m not sure how that is handled in FreePBX.

Yeah they are extensions instead of trunks in this case. I made a mistake srry :frowning:
But it’s not when it changes the IP is like for some reason I restart the internet modem or the switch.
But I get it, I have to change the Asterisk. I searched on phone configs but found nothing about registration time.

If the devices are using “qualify” it may be waiting for the “qualify_frequency” to occur.

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