Trunk Config between Avaya pbx and FreePbx Using Quintum Tenor DX

Hi Guys

Please can you assist: Im trying to get calls in both directions between my Avaya PBX and FreePbx using a Quintum Tenor GW.

Avaya is E1
FreePbx Current Version
Quintum Tenor DX

I have already and successfully connect my Avaya to the Quintum Tenor DX. As a test i added a sip account to the Quintum Tenor DX and i passed a call out the PSTN.

Now Im not sure how to config the Trunk on FreePbx to talk to the Quintum Tenor DX.

PS: the Quintum Tenor DX is accessible from the Internet and so is the FreePbx.

I notice the Quintum Tenor DX require a Username and Password when setting up the trunk.