Trunk between FreePBX and Trixbox


Not sure if i posted in the right section or not, apologies if I did. I’ve never set up a PBX server before but I’m in the process of switching from Trixbox to FreePBX as part of a project. I have the freepbx distro set up with some phones and can make calls between the phones no problem.

My question is can a trunk be set up from the existing trixbox server to the new freepbx server in order to make calls between the two?

I now trunks will have to be set up in order to make outbound calls. If there is already documents out there on how to do this I might have missed them as i’m not entirely sure of what I’m looking at. Any help on how to do this or links to documents would be much appreciated. If more details are needed let me know


Of course you can trunk them. They are both Asterisk/FreePBX based.

Use an IAX trunk for simplicity.

Thanks for the reply SkykingOH

I will look around for some docs on how to do this

Thanks again