Trunk automatically changing User-Agent and another question

  1. in less than a minute was automatically changed from this User-Agent: HUAWEI-EchoLife HS8** to this User-Agent: FPBX-16.0.30(18.16.0)
  2. how to disable rport for trunk? (trunk for my operator) Freepbx → VLAN.VoIP → operator // NAT
  3. i can point user=phone only for request: REGISTER?
  4. i can change can i change from this tag=a11fcaef-0fb5-4d76-9757-be3aca8f3093 to this tag=a11fcaef ?
  5. i can change from this Call-ID: adb2b598-5fb5-4cf0-a09a-454b20721460 to this Call-ID: [email protected] ?


Call-ID: [email protected]

I’m new, switching operator from device ONT.VoIP to my station for home use.

What I am doing now is setting up a trunk to replace the operator device rj12.

Ask HuaWei. I assume it is their device that is doing this.

Why? Setting rport is normally safe and is often desirable. This can be changed at the config file level, but I doubt that it can be changed through the GUI.

Why. This value has to be globally unique, and contain at least 32 bits of randomness, but otherwise has no meaning except as a unique value. I’m certain this can’t be changed. The randomness requirement will be for security.

Why? This value has to be globally unique but has no other meaning. Any domain name is there to ensure uniqueness. The other party should do nothing with it except return the whole call ID unchanged. I’m pretty sure there is no way of changing this.

I setup file pjsip on freepbx
user_agent=HUAWEI-EchoLife HS8…
Freepbx automatically change user agent on FPBX-16.0.30(18.16.0) shortly after launch freepbx sip trunk.

why the name changes spontaneously to this FPBX-16.0.30(18.16.0)

I make a copy of telephony so that the provider does not notice the change of settings and does not block the SIP account

thanks for understanding

For your user_agent issue, try leaving the content of pjsip.registration_custom.conf empty and add this to pjsip_custom_post.conf :

user_agent=HUAWEI-EchoLife HS8...

However, there seem to be no replies to the OPTIONS requests that Asterisk is sending out. Are you sure that is the correct address of the provider’s server? Also, you mentioned VLAN.VoIP . Does that mean that FreePBX needs an interface with the proper VLAN tag? I see 18:c0:4d registered to Giga-Byte Tech Co. Is this a new router/ONT that you are using instead of the Huawei?

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Thanks! :+1::pray:

It is TEST, testing trunk mode.

if I experiment on the provider, he will block my SIP account

PROVIDER ONT VLAN.tags (first for ethernet, second for VoIP rj12)

I switched the port to bridge mode on HUAWEI-EchoLife ONT rj45 port

It is working!

I just need to prepare and configure the trunk to connect

I can specify this parameter for the trunk name?

user_agent=HUAWEI-EchoLife HS8…

or is it not necessary?

please tell me if there is such an example

pjsip show endpoint trunk_name does not have user_agent in the list, so I don’t believe that you can set user_agent for a specific endpoint.

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I’m concerned that this is about deceiving the provider.

nothing prevents me from using third-party equipment for analog telephony in the trunk gateway HandyTone 503

I would like to reduce the amount of equipment in my house a little.

if the trunk setup fails, I’ll go and buy equipment HandyTone 503

Provider → GPON.VLAN → RJ12 → HandyTone 503 → rj45 → Freepbx

if configured in this way, then my provider will never know anything

please can you advise me about:

  1. GPON.ONT.VoIP device issues a REGISTER request, but for example FreePBK after this request requests OPTIONS - can I turn off this type of request before registering an account? After registration, the provider receives an OPTIONS request — can I repeat this for myself? …or is it optional in my case? I’m interested in your opinion

  2. GPON.ONT.VoIP asks for the following parameters Supported:

Supported: 100rel,replaces,timer,privacy,in-dialog

does it have to be repeated on my trunk?

  1. I noticed that this item is additionally indicated transport=udp
Contact: <sip:[email protected]:5060;transport=udp>
  1. I’m almost sure that this point can be ignored, and it is not necessary to repeat it Accept:
Accept: application/sdp,application/simservs+xml

P.S. thank you very much for taking the time for me

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