We don’t use our reports so, with millions of records, I decided to truncate both files.
The impact was that our SNOM and Polycom phones worked fine, but our softphones did not.
We use 3cxphone standalone and they would not authenticate.
I’m going to be troubleshooting when I can take the phones down, but is anyone has any insight, I’d appreciate it.
I also read that CEL has something to do with Time Conditions. Is there a better way to clean up? Most of the posts about cleaning up are old and the MariaDB commands don’t work anymore.

By what exact method did you truncate these two tables?

With the mysql command TRUNCATE CDR
Is that what you’re asking?

Yes, truncate recreates an empty table possibly disrupting any open connections, you can just

mysql asteriskcdrdb -e 'delete from cel;delete from cdr'

Which has the same effect without possible side effects. But bear in mind

So make sure asterisk is not running when truncating or purging any innodb journals

So you suspect that the missing extensions was a side effect of my truncate command?

No, it is just less disruptive if asterisk is running.

The extension disappearing turned out to be an ID-10-T error.
Just wanted to confirm that the best command to use is

mysql asteriskcdrdb -e 'delete from cel;delete from cdr

after shutting down asterisk (would that be)

/usr/sbin/asterisk -r
stop now

Your link to reclaim index space was appreciated, but I’m not clear what, in that page, applies to me. There were several references to “If you are running…” that stumped me.

I think it would be really helpful if there were an up-to-date, step-by-step guide to clearing the reports and reclaiming the space. Can you help with that?

If you have a /var/lib/mysql/ibdata1 file that always grows, then you need to follow that link’s method.

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