Troubleshooting i10V Video

I have a stable freepbx setup, up to date and running in a VM with three cisco CP-8941’s all sending voice and video + a bria softphone which also works with voice and video.

I recently thought i might add a doorbell and bought a Fanvil i10V, it works no issue with voice, i can call it from the desk phones or the bria and i can see video, the video is streaming from the i10V as i can open the stream in VLC but when the i10V calls my CP8941 deskphone I just get audio and no video, when it calls the bria phone i get video and audio.

I have updated the firmware on the i10V to the latest version and the FreePBX is up-to date on “FreePBX 16.0.19”. Everything will talk to everything but the only leg that does not work is the i10V to the hardphone which is the most important item as the computer is not always on.

If it is possible, I need troubleshooting help as i am not 100% competent on Asterisk and tend to learn as i fix things. The Cisco phones CAN display the video from the i10V, i just cannot get origination from the i10V to the phones extension.

I manually made up the xml files for the CP8941s and they are delivered from the tftp server on the PBX, and as i said, the system is stable and has been in use for some years.

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