Troubleshooting: BLF (lights/buttons) Yealink phones

Any tips for troubleshooting this:

Hosted SangomaOS PBX with about 8 or so “remote” Yealink endpoints. (all 8) in the same location (main office)

two other additional Yealink phones OpenVPN into the PBX from home-offices…

All phones stay online and have no dropped calls (for the most part).

Do you have any troubleshooting steps for:

one or two of the users of Yealink’s in the main office say:
Their BLF button for one of the two VPN phones does not GO RED when this user is on the phone and/or after they have transferred a call to the extension.

Other phones have their BLF light for the VPN phone go RED/GREEN correctly (they know when the phone is busy)

Sometimes rebooting the OpenVPN phone then allows the others to then have their RED/GREEN for their BLF button work again.

Thanks for any trobleshooting tips.

If the phones are configured correctly, a simple SIP trace should tell you whether they get the right signals.

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