Trouble with User Management and Groups also LDAP involved


I am having trouble understanding how groups work.

I tired to create a group that has access to s shared mailbox for example our evening mailbox that needs to be cleared out each morning. I then assigned a few users to the group for the evening mailbox plus they were in the all users group that i setup. These users are now members of 2 groups. It is only processing the settings from the highest priority group.

I am using LDAP and I have imported my users but doing local group management. I then created several groups. The system allows me to assign a user to more then one group. I have it setup to manage groups locally. in the LDAP settings.

Also if i made a change to an individual user settings and click save it removes them from any groups they are a member of when I click save on the user then i have to go back to the group and add them back to the group. Is this normal?

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