Trouble with delayed pickup on inbound calls

Freepbx distro 10.13.66-64bit with Audiocodes MP-114 2S2O, only using the FXOs. Grandstream gxp-2124 phones.

Inbound and outbound calling are functional, although outbound takes quite awhile to connect. I’m not using any callerid except what comes across the wire from the audiocodes. All settings between the boxes are by IP, so there’s no DNS involvement. Inbound calls run through a few call flow options before hitting a ring group (601).

The problem is a user in the ring group answers a call, says “hello”, and has dead air. Somewhere around 4-8 seconds later the call connects and the conversation can continue normally. The caller in this scenario simply hears another ring or so before being connected and can’t tell there’s a problem. The other thing I find strange in this scenario is that the rest of the ring group keeps ringing after the first user picks up, until the call actually connects.

So… any ideas? I’m hoping this is something that has been seen and I just haven’t been able to turn up in google. Any help would be appreciated.

it has been a long time since i looked at an audiocodes device. check the settings - it sounds like the audiocodes is not reporting that the phone picked up immediately.